Saturday 25 January 2014

IMPRO Amsterdam 2014: Ante festum

So next week is the 19th international IMPRO Amsterdam festival, the biggest event in the Dutch improv calendar. It’s always an education.

For me, as an audient, I am always most excited about seeing the groups from around the world and their differing approaches and styles. The mixer shows which serve as a warm-up before the main show are interesting, and it’s fun to see people from different cultures interact and surprise each other, but the groups doing their own thing, their own way is what rings my imaginary bell. As a performer at the festival, the shows where you mix it up with different players from different groups and places are very exciting.

I have a busy week next week, but I want to set myself the task of blogging every day about it. My thoughts and reports of what I’ve seen. This year I’m performing a solo thing as part of one of the late night extra shows (on Tuesday night), which is exciting.

So, you guys are my witness to the intention of daily blogging, but we’ll see if lady time will be gracious or not.

Details of the festival are here:

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