Monday 10 April 2023

A Sort of Apology

This blog has been dormant for a while. It’s not because I have not been thinking about improv; I have. A lot. I just have had very little time to write those thoughts down and edit them into something coherent. I also had an intention to do some of them as video or audio, but this takes even more preparation and editing. I think in here is the essence of why I have done improv for so long, the fact that you just have to turn up. There is no script to learn, no props to bring, no specific outfit to have prepared.

Obviously, I have prepared. I have rehearsed a lot with the group ideally but even this is often just turning up and playing. And I have taken courses, etc to which I had to turn up and absorb. And play.

I am clearly ignoring a big part of the preparation for a show – someone has to find and book the venue, plan who is in it, promote it, organise guests, musicians or other external performers. And for rehearsals, someone has to find and book the venue, organise a coach, make sure enough people can come. But for people who are just players, a lot of improv is just turning up and being there. But it spoils you for when you have do something preparation-heavy such as acting or stand-up, or something post-performance heavy such as video making.

Anyway, this is turning into post rather than a brief note to say there will be more posts coming soon. (Cynical editor: Cue another long hiatus.)