Friday 25 June 2010

Your Improv Star Signs

Vaguarius the Vague Man Something will happen to you at some point in the future. It will involve
a loved-one, or someone you don’t know and involve an unspecified common
house-hold object.
Nobuttie the Denier Something wonderful will happen to your love life. No it won’t.
Cashproblemus the Shop Arguer You will go into a shop but not have the correct change. You will get
into an argument. The incident will end by you leaving having stolen the
object you were trying to buy.
Dothis the Teacher Someone you do not know will start doing everything you tell them. You
keep telling, they keep doing. They can never get it right.
Lugless the Man With No Ears Next week… Where are my horses?... Someone will… There
they are.
The Nameless Man You will meet someone you do not know. You will never know his or her
name. And he or she will never know yours.
Pimpdaddius the Pimp You will meet a man. he will make you sing and dance and recite poetry
and try to stand on one leg and pretend to strip.
Didthat the Student Someone you do not know will start telling you to do things. You will
do them. They keep telling, you keep doing. You can never get it right.
Noway the Gagger You will come into some money. No that’s not money, that’s cheese.

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  1. this is all SO right on the nose! Great illustration. You should maybe consider writing a book about it?