Tuesday 8 June 2010

What is the Scene About?

In a scene university lecturer Lucille explains all about calculus to nervous student Harry, whilst she slides around seductively and drops in some great mathematical innuendo. She eventually kisses him and he doesn't resist.

What is this scene about?
1. Calculus?
2. Harry learning calculus?
3. Lucille seducing Harry?


  1. Lucille seducing Harry, of course! It's all about emotions.

  2. On second thought.... I just realized that it's actually about #4 - Harry's reaction to being seduced.

  3. For me it's all about the relationship (which is certainly defined by the emotions on display and Harry's reaction), so yes (3).
    Even though the only thing that is talked about in the whole scene is calculus, and 2 scenes later Harry is using calculus wherever possible (whereas just before he thought it was something to do with chalk) this is just the thing the scene is hung on. It's "about" the relationship and the important change in it that happened here.