Sunday 27 January 2013

IMPRO Amsterdam 2013 Brief summary

Yesterday was the final day of the IMPRO Amsterdam 2013 festival. It’s been such an inspiring week.

Three Falling showed us how two people can really allow a scene to go wherever it has to go and trust that the story will sort itself out.

Scenes from Disaster Movie
IMPRO Amsterdam 2013
The Improphets (Improfeten) boldly took 4 pages of an unfinished script and improvised the rest of the play showing that you don’t have to start from your own platform. This was in fact the most complex audience "suggestion" I've ever seen.

Domeka Parker showed how as a solo performer (as well as one with other players) you never need to have a lack of inspiration as long as you have the wealth of your life experiences and pay close attention to your own body.

Secret Impro Theatre let us see that you can have it all – you can muck about and be fun and playful with each other AND create a great story with good characters with honest emotions.

And the Disaster Movie at the end showed that you CAN have 25 people on stage all creating a coherent story.

There’ll be more entries as my brain returns and I have time to process everything.

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